Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sign-5 : Publishing Your Blog

Next after Google had accept your Adsense, you must publish your blog.

Submit your blog in :

1. Google Search Engine : durl/?continue=/addurl

2. Yahoo Search Engine :

3. MSN Search Engine :

Wait for each of the Search Engine 2-3 days, you can check it by search your own blog URL, if your URL hadn't been approve you can submit it again.

By submit your site, you will get page traffic in your Blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sign-4 : Create An Adsense

Next thing after you have enough interesting content, you can start to register your Adsense. Adsense is a program from Google that using PPC system. PPC ads is an advertisement program using a banner. This program were launched by the Advertiser.

What can we get from Google Adsense? Adsense will pay webmaster if visitor klik the ads. The money you can get is depend on price per click advertiser can pay.


Click "Sign Up"
Website Information
Website URL : Write your URL
Website Language : Choose your Language

Contact Information
Account Type : Choose Individual and Business
Country or Territory : Choose your Country
Payee name : Write your full name
Street Address : Write your Address, this will be address to send your cheque
City / Town : Write your City
State : Write your State
Postal Code : Write your postal code where you live.

Telephone Number
Phone : Write your phone number

After you fill the registration form, Click "Submit Information"

Then wait for Email in Gmail in 1-2 days for Adsense Mail From Google.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sign-3 : Add A Content

After you got your new Blog, the next thing you need to do is add Content/Post to your Blog.

So what if we don't know what we will write in our Blog?

Dont Worry Be Happy!! Internet is content source that will never worn out. So choose your content related to your Blog Theme.

This is some website we can use for reference:
From all the web above, you can take their article to your Blog. But, of course you must write the source and the author of the article, cause it's their copyright.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sign-2 : Create A Blog

The second thing you need to make money in the internet is a Web or a Blog, cause Web or Blog can be read by everyone in this world..

I will suggest you to create a Blog cause blog is a free website without domain and hosting,we will make Blog with Blogger from Google.

The First Thing you need to do is visit

Click The Picture to zoom in

Click the button "Create Your Blog Now"

Write down your name then click "Continue"

Write your Blog name then write the URL name you wanted
then click "Check Availability" then click "Continue"

Choose template you want to use and click "Continue"

Now your Blog has been created and you can start Blogging

Read it in the picture

Click "View Blog" and you can see your posting

Congratz.. This is your first blog, just create another post and it will be
a great Blog.. Enjoy..

Sign-1 : Create A Gmail

The first thing you need to do before create Blog is make a Gmail (If you don't have it before), but if you already have a Gmail account you can just take Sign-2 : Create A Blog

Blogger is a product from Google..

If You Don't have a Gmail Account just visit

First Name : Write your first name

Last Name : Write your last name

Desired Login Name : Write your Email name

Choose A Password : Write your password

Re-enter Password : Write your password again

Security Question : Choose one Security Question

Answer : Your Answer from Security Question

Secondary Email : Write your another Email (This Email will be used if you had problem in Gmail Account)

Location : Choose your location

Word Verification : Write word from the picture

Click "I Accept. Create My Account"

Congratz.. Your Gmail has been created..